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Our offerings are designed to take you on a journey…


Our programs are designed to take you on a journey, delving more and more deeply into the unique power of The WAVE Process ®. During our coaching sessions, you will gain skills in coaching yourself and communicating with others so you and your team feel connected and empowered through any situation. In addition to workshops, group and individual coaching and consulting, we also offer a weekend-long experiential intensive open to anyone. And, for those who want to take their existing business, coaching, consulting or therapy practice to the next level by integrating The WAVE Process, we offer an 18-month certification program.


A 45-minute Presentation

Learn how triggers and disconnection cause chaos and power struggles, and how empowerment and connection help you unlock your potential for success in any situation, from backyards to boardrooms. This live talk, ideally given in person and also available through video-conferencing, is the perfect introduction to The WAVE Process® and how it is the missing link to showing up as the person, parent or leader you were meant to be.


A 3-Hour Experiential Workshop

Learn how and why The WAVE Process® works … witness its power first-hand, practice the Process on yourself, and experiment with WAVE Communication. Available for groups or individuals, live in-person or live online. You will come away being able to practice The WAVE Process with yourself, taming your own triggers and strengthening your connection with others.


A 48-Hour Immersion

Twice a year we create a unique opportunity to fully live in the principles of The WAVE Process®. We build an intimate container for a small group to dive deep with Kim Griffith and Dr. Meg Hanshaw, practicing The WAVE Process® and WAVE Communication in countless situations, all while enjoying the beauty and serenity of the natural world. These retreats are often set on Cedar Creek Lake outside Dallas, TX, and we can work with you to find the perfect venue near you and your organization. Available to anyone, these immersions are ideal for teams who want to revolutionize their workplace with emotional intelligence. You and/or your team will come away fully able to practice The WAVE Process with yourselves, each other and your children, clients or customers. This is the big change you are looking for.


Customizable to meet your needs

Want to know how The WAVE Process® is relevant to you and your situation? Personalized coaching is available to individuals, groups up to 15, and families. We will show you how and when to utilize The WAVE Process to resolve conflict, build trust, and help everyone involved get their needs met. Nothing will help you apply the Process more than this coaching will.


A 12-Month Program

When you have experienced the power of The WAVE Process® through some of our other programs, you may feel called to integrate it into your working life in a big way. You may come to see the potential of the Process to raise the standard of your existing business, coaching or therapy practice. When that happens, the Certification is here for you. You will dive deep into how to apply the Process in any and all situations, and receive tailored instruction and coaching on how to best apply it to your existing practice.


A Way of Life

The WAVE Process® is more than just a tool to be applied in certain situations. Once integrated into your daily interactions and even thought processes, it truly becomes a way of life, a way of being. The Empowered Partners Group gives you the opportunity to live this way of life in close relationship with Kim Griffith and Dr. Meg Hanshaw. The shared experience of yearly travels and monthly get-togethers will build a high-level community of coaches, all resting on the foundation of The WAVE Process® and WAVE Communication.

The WAVE Process took my practice to a whole new level!  My clients loved getting the results they were wanting and I enjoyed practicing so much more – the dynamic process gave me a clear blueprint for moving my clients into empowerment! 

  Nicki A.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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