The WAVE Process® is a revolutionary blueprint for moving through emotional triggers and mastering Connection.
It empowers you to communicate more effectively, build healthy relationships,
and experience true well-being and success! 

We are a coaching company that empowers the way you
live, love, learn, and lead

The WAVE Process has taken my business and family to the next level.  I finally get to experience and enjoy the results of being the parent and leader I was meant to be!

Todd V.

Dallas, TX

About Kim
Creator of the WAVE Process.
Founder of The WAVE Institute.

Since creating the WAVE Process 10 years ago, I have built my entire life on sharing it with individuals, families and leaders all over the world, coaching them on how to apply The WAVE Process in their unique situations. Practicing this Process has catapulted every aspect of my life and the lives of my clients to a higher level of ease, authenticity and prosperity, and now you are just one click away from this kind of success.