Welcome to The WAVE Process®, a revolutionary way of moving through emotional triggers and barriers and mastering true Connection.
It can empower us to communicate more effectively, build healthier relationships, plus experience true well-being and success in all facets of life.

coaching & TRAINING that empowers the way you
live, love, learn, and lead

The WAVE Process has taken my business and family to the next level.  I finally get to experience and enjoy the results of being the parent and leader I was meant to be! Todd V.

Dallas, TX

Kim Griffith – cOACH & cREATOR OF THE WAVE PROCESS AND Founder of the wave iNStitute

Many of our frustrations and challenges in life —  whether personal or in a group dynamic — can be traced to one vital missing ingredient. When we become aware of and work to master CONNECTION, our lives truly transform. We begin to live with more clarity, vitality, passion, and authenticity in all our relationships. Envision a life of greater ease and empowered connection within yourself, at home, and in your career. Welcome to The WAVE Process.”