The WAVE Process®

Experience true well-being and success!

The WAVE Process® is a revolutionary blueprint for moving through emotional triggers and mastering Connection. It empowers you to communicate more effectively, build healthy relationships, and experience true well-being and success!

What does The WAVE Process® GIVE YOU?

• Increase social and emotional Intelligence
• Make decisions with clarity, confidence & authenticity
• Fosters an environment of productivity, efficiency and motivation
• Increases Mindfulness
• Communicate with more clarity and empathy
• Enjoy more valuable, authentic relationships
• Improves health and well-being
• Increases Resiliency and self-regulation
• Create a sense of safety and security
• Establish healthy boundaries

No matter how successful we are or how much we have tried other self-help programs, we often still experience areas of our life that don’t seem to work the way we envision.  We either continue to struggle in our relationships or can’t seem to move our career forward to the next level. Why can’t we find that sense of peace and fulfillment that we know is possible?

The WAVE Process is truly the missing link to answering these questions. It is the natural way we connect with, identify and move through our disempowering patterns and build new references for what we are wanting.  When we use our emotional triggers as a way of identifying with the parts of us that need attention instead of denying, pushing them away, and judging them, we open up to empowered perspectives and solutions with so much more ease.  We begin to connect within, with others and the world around us like never before. No more pretending or faking – we move into clarity, empowerment, and authenticity with so much more ease!


“It is the “energy” that exists between [and within] people when they feel seen, heard, and valued; when they can give and receive without judgment; and when they derive sustenance (support) and strength from the relationship.” Brene Brown – The Power of Vulnerability

• We are hard-wired for connection
• Connection promotes brain and neurological development, health and social development.
• We thrive emotionally, mentally and physically we treat ourselves and others with respect, empathy and acceptance.
• The way you were connected with during your infancy and childhood strongly influences the way you react in your environment later on in life.

The WAVE Process is the missing link. It is the answer to why so many great tools and techniques don’t seem to last. It is the companion to all of the self-help books and practices that hold so much truth, but don’t have a lasting effect on your life.

The PROCESS focuses on four powerful steps that move you into true empowerment through the power of CONNECTION. 

We have literally discovered the SOLUTION to moving through emotional triggers that cause you to react and frees you up to respond in a confident, calm, loving and clear way that diffuses conflict and power struggles.

During our personal coaching courses, you start making clearer decisions, communicating effectively, building fulfilling relationships and increasing the quality of your life.

I’m a very opinionated, hot-headed, get the job done kind of person. Learning how to deal with that in a new way has not only made my marriage good, but my whole family feels better. Things have really changed for me after learning the WAVE Process.  I feel stronger, I am happier, I don’t get upset as often and my husband and I don’t fight. My relationship with each one of my kids is so much better; they come and talk to me about their feelings and how things are going in their life.

The WAVE Process has given me insight into how to handle my own feelings and the feelings of my children. I’m not taking things so personally and it’s made me a better communicator, giving my kids a safer place for them to express themselves. And our kids are more positive, they’re happier, they’re making friends easier, and they’re getting more involved in school. They just don’t feel that negative pressure from us anymore!”

Rebekah R. - Dallas, Texas

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