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How can the WAVE process empower you to live the life you long for?

The missing link you have been looking for…

No matter how successful we are or how much we have tried other self-help programs, we often still experience areas of our life that don’t seem to work the way we envision.  We either continue to struggle in our relationships or can’t seem to move our career forward to the next level. Why can’t we find that sense of peace and fulfillment that we know is possible?  The WAVE Process is truly the missing link to answering these questions. It is the natural way we connect with, identify and move through our disempowering patterns and build new references for what we are wanting.  When we use our emotional triggers as a way of identifying with the parts of us that need attention instead of denying, pushing them away, and judging them, we open up to empowered perspectives and solutions with so much more ease.  We begin to connect within, with others and the world around us like never before. No more pretending or faking – we move into clarity, empowerment, and authenticity with so much more ease!


  • Experience increased confidence and communication that will expand your career, build fulfilling relationships, create wealth and abundance, and more.
  • Free yourself from long-standing emotional challenges such as fear and anxiety, depression and trauma.
  • Release patterns of addictive and self-defeating behaviors like over-consuming food, alcohol or media.
  • Enjoy deep feelings of inner peace that bring more joy and happiness to everyday life.
  • Find the courage to take action towards your passions and goals.

“The WAVE Process is a four-step method for creating that powerful connection we’re all longing for.”

The WAVE Process changed my life!  I have tried so many different things and they all have been helpful, but I still had this underlying feeling of turmoil, especially at work.   I was in a certain situation at work the other day that would usually stress me completely out. I noticed I was calm and able to communicate exactly in the way I needed to resolve the conflict.  I am much more confident in my ability to communicate with my co-workers and boss. I love this tool!  


Ann S.

Fairfax, VA

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