Connective Parenting

Family & Parenting Coaching:
DisCoveR HOW THE WAVE PROCESS can Empower you to empower your children.

The WAVE Process® will show you how to connect deeply with your kids, and create an empowering environment where everyone has the best chance of being fulfilled, healthy and successful. Find out what happens when you can love and accept your child and yourself, live in the present, and communicate compassionately through any challenge.

You will:

  • Learn how to respond instead of react when stressed and triggered.
  • Understand your child’s behavior and what it’s really communicating.
  • Create win-win outcomes.
  • Increase intrinsic motivation and self-discipline

Your children will:

  • Know they are loved, secure and significant.
  • Become self-motivated to learn, grow and contribute.
  • Communicate with compassion and confidence. 
  • Recognize and deal with their negative thoughts and emotions.
  • See their gifts and talents as a path to a fulfilling career.
  • Embrace life’s challenges with resilience.

Research shows that for kids to have the best chance of being confident, loving, respectful, resilient, self-motivated and self-disciplined, they need connection more than anything else.

The WAVE Process has given me insight into how to handle my own feelings and the feelings of my children. I’m not taking things so personally and it’s made me a better communicator, giving my kids a safer place for them to express themselves. And our kids are more positive, they’re happier, they’re making friends easier, and they’re getting more involved in school. They just don’t feel that negative pressure from us anymore!

Rebekah R.

Dallas, TX

“Through Kim’s coaching and the WAVE Process®, I have learned to decipher the complex language of child communication to empower me with the knowledge and understanding of being a more connected parent.  I continue to use these lessons daily in my parenting, personal, and business life.”


San Francisco, CA

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