Connective Parenting

How can the WAVE Process® connect you with your children and family?

Family & Parenting Coaching

The WAVE Process® is the missing link

The WAVE ProcessTM is the missing link to connecting deeply and creating an empowering environment for your child, which gives everyone the best chance of being fulfilled, healthy, and successful. It is the how to love and accept your child and yourself, live in the present moment, and stay compassionate in your communication in any challenge.

In our Family & Parenting Coaching YOU will:

  • Learn how to respond instead of react when stressed and triggered.
  • Understand your child’s behavior and what it’s really communicating.
  • Create win-win outcomes.
  • Increase intrinsic motivation and self discipline

Your children will:

  • know that they are loved, secure and significant
  • be self-motivated to learn, grow and contribute
  • be compassionate and confident when communicating
  • effectively recognize and deal with negative thoughts and emotions
  • use their gifts and talents to end up in a career that they love
  • be resilient through life’s challenges

“Research shows that for kids to have the best chance of being confident, loving, respectful, resilient, self-motivated and self-disciplined, they need connection more than anything else.”

Through Kim’s coaching and the WAVE Process™, I have learned to decipher the complex language of child communication to empower me with the knowledge and understanding of being a more connected parent.  I continue to use these lessons daily in my parenting, personal, and business life.



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