Empowered Relationship

How can the WAVE Process® support you in creating and sustaining true partnership and love?

Are you tired of arguing, and feeling frustrated, disappointed?

Do you find you and your partner repeating the same damaging patterns over and over? Are you ready to stop the cycle of triggers and instead actually, deeply connect with each other?

  • Identify and move through emotional triggers and patterns that keep you from truly connecting and experiencing joy.
  • Allow peaceful, connective communication to form the foundation of your relationship
  • Empower each other to be your full, authentic selves
  • Transform each conflict into an opportunity to learn and grow from each other.

“The WAVE Process is a four-step method for creating that powerful connection we’re all longing for.”

The WAVE Process gave me and my husband a way of communicating that rocks!  We no longer go days with tension and disconnection. We understand each other so much more and find solutions that feel good to both of us.  I am certain learning about our triggers and learning to connect saved our marriage. 

Clare H.

Asheville, NC

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