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How can the WAVE process empower you to live the life you long for?

The WAVE Institute was founded in 2012 as the platform for bringing the WAVE Process to the world. The Institute offers talks and workshops to introduce you to the Process, as well as personal or group coaching to take you or your organization to the next level. And if you want to join our coaching team, or work as an independent WAVE coach, we offer a year-long certification program.

Our Team

Meet Kim

I am a Board-Certified Life and Wellness Coach with a Master’s Degree in Transpersonal Studies/Psychology. I haven’t always been successful or confident. Ten years ago, I felt like everything was falling apart. I had read every parenting book, attended many many self-help seminars and received my Master’s degree, yet there I was at my breaking point. I was constantly triggered by my daughter, my relationship with my husband was struggling, my health was failing quickly, and I couldn’t move my business forward like I wanted to. I clearly didn’t need a Band-Aid; I needed real solutions. So I dug deep and started trying things that weren’t in the books. What I learned was that the missing element was deep connection and that our triggers are actually the gateway to reconnecting with ourselves and with others. Synthesizing tools from many disciplines, I created The WAVE Process ™ in 2008 as an easy-to-follow blueprint that leads us from triggers to connection and empowerment. Since then have shared it with hundreds of people all over the world, from stay-at-home parents to corporate executives to teams of educators. I am dedicated to empowering individuals, families and organizations to build greater confidence, connection, and passion. I live in Dallas, TX, with my 14-year-old daughter, and our relationship thrives thanks to the principles embedded in the WAVE Process. This Process is a versatile tool that can support you in any and all aspects of your life, and I look forward to sharing it with you.

When we create Connection within, with others and with God/Spirit, we empower ourselves and open up to authenticity, ease, and passion – the WAVE Process is the gift to Connection

Kim Griffith - Creator of the WAVE Process

Dallas, TX

Meet Meg

During my almost 30-year career of educating, working in corporate wellness and owning a Peak Performance business, I have supported all ages in understanding and living a healthy, empowered, purposeful life. Through my expertise in sports psychology, I was able to transform several losing sports teams into stellar success stories. I have built the foundational research for the WAVE Process, to understand why it creates connection and empowerment. I integrate the Process into my work as founder and director of an educational non-profit called i.b.mee, as well as into my personal coaching practice. I am currently conducting a long-term study on the impact of the WAVE Process in the educational system to help teachers and kids learn and thrive. The administrator at one of the schools I work with refers to me as an “educational and wellness visionary for the 21st century.” I am a Master WAVE Process Coach and is certified as a Life and Wellness Inventory Coach.

I am a researcher and systems thinker – when I found the WAVE Process, I knew it was the natural way the mind and body shift from disempowering patterns into empowering ones.

Dr. Meg Hanshaw, Ph.D.

Asheville, NC

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