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The WAVE Institute is a coaching company dedicated to helping individuals, couples, families and businesses discover how to fully live, love, learn and lead in all areas of life.

The WAVE Institute began as a platform to share the unique and empowering WAVE Process® that founder, Kim Griffith developed in 2012. Today, the Institute offers talks and workshops worldwide to share The WAVE Process and the measurable difference it can make in every aspect of life. The WAVE Institute also offers personal and group coaching to help guide organizations to the next level. 

Interested in joining the WAVE?

The WAVE Institute offers a selection of year-long certification programs for those interested in joining our team or becoming an Independent WAVE Coach. Just contact us for details.


    Board-Certified Life and Wellness Coach, Master’s Degree  in Transpersonal Studies/Psychology

    After reading dozens of self-help books, attending endless seminars, and obtaining my graduate degree, I found myself often triggered — I felt challenged with parenting my daughter, was struggling in my marriage, and facing health issues. I knew a band-aid wouldn’t cut it — I needed real solutions.  After digging deep, I became aware of what seemed to be the missing ingredient in my life — connection. Emotional triggers can completely derail true connection, intimacy, and success.  And I discovered that triggers  are actually the precise and perfect gateway to reconnect within, with others, and with our Divine Source. This was the catalyst that altered my life, as it has also done with thousands of others … from parents, to business executives, to educators.

    Combining and synthesizing tools from many disciplines, I created The WAVE Process®, a blueprint for moving from triggers and disconnection to connection and empowerment. This process can increase emotional intelligence, motivation, communication, and decision-making … providing the ability to build healthy relationships and experience authentic well-being and success.

    When we create Connection within, with others and with God/Spirit, we empower ourselves and open up to authenticity, ease, and passion – The WAVE Process is the gift to Connection.

    Kim Griffith - Creator of The WAVE Process

    Dallas, TX

    MEET meg

    During Dr. Meg Hanshaw’s almost 30 year career of educating, working in corporate wellness and owning a Peak Performance business, Meg has supported all ages In understanding and living a healthy, empower, purposeful life. Through her expertise in sports psychology. she was able to transform several losing sports teams Into stellar success stories.

    Fascinated by the WAVEProcess®  in creating connection and empowerment, Dr. Hanshnaw has built the foundational research for a long-term study on the impact of the WAVE Process® in the education system to help teachers and kids learn and thrive at i.b.mee, an innovational educational non profit organization located in Asheville, NC, the central hub of the W.E.L.L. Kids Now® Movement and the Empowerment Education Revolution.

    Dr. Hanshaw, Meg, is a Master WAVE Process® Coach and a Certified life and Wellness Inventory Coach. One of the schools Meg works with refers to Meg as an “‘educational and wellness visionary for the 21st century.”

    I am a researcher and systems thinker- when I found The WAVE Process, I knew it was the natural way the mind and body shift from disempowering patterns into empowering ones. Dr. Meg Hanshaw, Ph.D.

    Dr. Meg Hanshaw, Ph.D.

    Asheville, NC

    The WAVE Process is a four-step method for creating that powerful connection we’re all longing for.

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